personal Coaching

The Shift
4 x 1 hour sessions via online/phone


Shifting your mindset and understanding more about why you do, what you do, is key to creating transformational and sustainable change. During the sessions we will unpick what’s getting in the way of you living your most confident life and rebuild a true sense of self. Together we will create a personal plan for you to follow, so you can move to a place of clarity, confidence and positivity that will impact all areas of your life.  These 121 sessions are held weekly/fortnightly  - additional sessions can be added. Ready to make a change?


The Clarity Call 
90-minute session via online/phone

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Let’s talk.
This one-off session is perfect for you if you’re feeling foggy and confused. You’ve got a decision to make but the mental clutter is making it impossible to know what’s right.  We will work together to calm your mind, organise your thoughts and unpick what’s important to, so you can confidently make a decision that feels right. Let's clear the fog!


Maintain your Mojo - minimum of 4 sessions
30-minute session via online/phone

Fed up of going full pelt then falling flat? Let's build momentum, have a plan for the derailers and keep you on track!
Fantastically fast paced and straight-talking sessions that are designed to give you a burst of motivation, so you can keep focused and smash your goals. I’ll be your number 1 cheerleader and keep you accountable ....Come on, let’s get going!



Berkshire, UK

​​Tel: 07949 861148


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